Empowering maritime communities to accelerate our understanding of climate change insights ​

OCEANO VOX offers innovative in-situ ocean and climate data acquisition services based on collaborative data acquisition from ships.

OCEANO VOX is on a mission to improve the detection of extreme weather events, protect coastal and island communities and help decarbonize the maritime industry through AI technologies.

We develop competitive and low-carbon solutions based on cutting-edge technologies with the aim of supporting research and blue economy actors while making the link between citizen science and climate issues:

  • Understanding climate change impacts.
  • Improving safety at sea.
  • Optimizing ship routing to reduce CO2 emissions.

We are building the largest network of ocean and climate sensors in the world


Building ocean data acquisition solutions to improve decision-making capacities in face of climate change.


Develop community driven low-carbon solutions to boost blue economy.

Our Values

  • We empower citizens to improve ocean and climate knowledge.
  • We are proactive and act in an agile and frugal way.
  • We care about our community and the environment.
"Oceano Vox is a community-driven intelligence platform to accelerate and enhance knowledge of the oceans and climate"
Antoine Cousot

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