Connecting researchers and skippers to improve ocean research on a global scale at a lower cost

By joining the platform:

✓ Researchers will have access to a database of VESSELS ready to embark scientific equipment and tremendous outreach opportunities

✓ Shipowners will have access to various MISSIONS proposed by scientists to contribute to science



Our goal is to offer an alternative by connecting ocean stakeholders to stimulate ocean research

Daily sailors, round the world racers, fishermen, cargo ships...any boat out there has the capability to take samples or dropping a buoy and be an alternative to conduct light scientific campaigns.


Ultimately, we believe this will also drive innovation by creating new, smaller, lighter, and smarter tools to install on any types of vessels.

(coming soon...)


Based on our experience of collecting data in 2018 for a british university as part of a round the world yacht race, our project is therefore to connect those who need a ship to gather data or deploy equipment to those who want to give meaning to their navigation.

Collecting data at sea is expensive, funding uncertain and places on oceanographic vessels too few and not often in line with the researchers' agenda.

Discoveries in oceanography are fueling almost all sectors of the economy and society with applications in the fields of medicine or the development of new industrial processes.

Applications for climate change mitigation or adaptation are the most frequently patented oceanographic technologies.

Ocean data collection is mainly carried out by research vessels and satellites. A total of 920 ships worldwide according to the latest United Nations Global Ocean Science Report. A very insufficient number in view of the growing demand for data.

Consequently, OCEANO VOX proposes to solicit other actors of the maritime industry in order to increase the capacity of data collection at sea. 

We have identified 100,000+ ships around the world that cover 75% of the oceans every day ...

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